One New Message is a podcast for people who picked up the phone to call and say something important, but hung up when they were met with an answering machine. These messages may never have been said, but it doesn't mean they don't exist. One New Message wants to hear those messages you never sent, the ones that are still holding you down. We want to share these messages with a community of listeners who might have been in similar shoes, and maybe even with the person you wanted to leave it for in the first place.

Craig Lord is a journalist currently living in Toronto, Canada in real life and right here online. He has worked for the Ottawa Business Journal, Canada AM, and will soon begin work with the Globe and Mail. Craig likes the Blue Jays, cracking despicable puns, getting in on cool projects and long walks on the beach listening to podcasts. Forever trying to sound conversational on air.

Arif Jaffer constantly gets made fun of for his love of craft beer and Jameson. Arif likes to talk a lot, but he prefers to be called a storyteller. You can catch him at your local snack bar, frisbee throwing facility or on his website where he gripes about life as he knows it. Currently, he lives in Ottawa, Canada and works as a public servant. 

Special thanks to David Caughey and Ol Dusty Deley for all the behind the scenes work they do to make this podcast a reality.